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AfroBreak Ghana Qualifier

Afro Break Ghana is the only qualifiers to the Afrobreak International Championship Finals. In 2022, Afrobreak handpicked elite bboys and bgirls to proudly represent Nigeria at the global finals.The finalist secures a coveted spot to represent Ghana at the thrilling Afrobreak finals in November 2023.
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Battle Rules and Engagement Cypher Round for All Breaker ( Bboys and Bgirls) Top 16 Bboys Top 4 Bgirls Finals

Participants must be Ghanaian citizens or residents.
As Afro Break is an International Competition, it is advice that participants should possess a valid international passport.

Participants should have a passion for break dance and possess the necessary skills to compete at the national level.

Participants will be required to fill a form to be allowed to participate in the Open Cypher on the event day.
At the Open Cypher, top 16 dancers in the Bboys 1vs1 Category and top 4 dancers in Bgirls 1vs1 will be selected by the Judges to move on to the Battle Rounds.

Rules and Regulations:
Strictly prohibit physical contact between the competing breakdancers during battles.

Any intentional physical contact, such as pushing, shoving, or striking, will result in immediate disqualification.

We encourage all participants to show respect and sportsmanship towards each other, the Judges, and the audience.

Disrespectful behavior, including but not limited to taunting, offensive gestures, or derogatory remarks, may lead to penalties or disqualification.

Participants are allowed to wear costumes or clothing of their choice, as long as they do not inhibit their movements or pose a safety risk.

The use of props (e.g., hats, canes, etc.) is generally allowed, but should not give an unfair advantage or disrupt the flow of the battle.

The decision of the Judges is final and cannot be contested.

In the event of a tie, the judges may request an extra round.

The competition will follow a 1 vs 1 battle format, where two breakers compete against each other at a time.

Each battle will consist of 2 rounds except the final battle which will have 3 rounds.

Judging Criteria:
Judging criteria includes technicality, creativity, musicality, execution, and originality.

Judges will evaluate each breaker based on their use of fundamental moves, innovation, timing, musical interpretation, and overall performance quality.

Originality – African dance and Breaking fusion. (Body, Mind and Soul)
.Physical Quality (Body)
Quality Execution of movement and transitions
Artistic Quality (Mind)
Vocabulary and Quality of Technique.
Interpretative Quality (Soul)
Directions and use of floor space.

Incentives and Welfare:
Provision of a conducive environment suitable for the exhibition of the Breaking Art and Culture.

Provision of standby first aid team for any medical Emergency.

Arrange hydration station for water available to all participants.

Arrange for food and refreshment vendors or catering services to be available at the venue premises should anyone wants to buy food or drinks.

Winning Plaques will be presented to the Bboy and Bgirl Winners.

Organizers of the Afrobreak International will take care of the Bboy and the Bgirl winner’s welfare (accommodation, feeding and local transport)

The Bboy and the Bgirl Winners of Afrobreak International Championship gets Cash Prizes, a Championship Belt and the bragging rights as Afrobreak Champion to represent Africa at an International Breakdance Battle in France 2024.

Code of Conduct for Afrobreak Ghana:

Treat all participants, judges, organizers, staff, and audience members with respect and dignity, regardless of their background, skill level, or personal beliefs.
Avoid engaging in any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or derogatory remarks.

Embrace the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship throughout the competition.
Accept the decisions of the judges and avoid questioning or challenging their judgments.
Avoid unsportsmanlike conduct, such as taunting opponents, excessive boasting, or any behavior that undermines the integrity of the competition.

Prioritize the safety of yourself and others during the competition.
Refrain from performing moves or actions that pose a risk of injury to yourself or others.
Follow any safety instructions provided by the organizers and use appropriate protective gear if necessary.

Compete honestly and with integrity, adhering to the rules and regulations of the competition.
Do not engage in any form of cheating, including collusion, bribery, or using prohibited substances or equipment.
Report any suspected rule violations or unfair practices to the competition organizers.
Present yourself in a professional manner, both on and off the dance floor.

Be punctual for all scheduled events and activities related to the competition.
Communicate effectively and respectfully with organizers, judges, fellow participants, and event staff.
Positive Environment:
Foster a positive and inclusive environment that encourages camaraderie, support, and encouragement among all participants.
Avoid engaging in gossip, rumors, or spreading negativity about other dancers or the competition itself.
Celebrate the achievements and talent of fellow participants, regardless of the outcome of the competition.
Proper Use of Facilities:
Respect the competition venue and its facilities.

Do not cause any damage to the property or equipment provided.
Clean up after yourself and dispose of any waste appropriately.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:
Abide by all applicable laws and regulations during the competition.
Do not engage in any illegal activities, including the use or distribution of illicit substances.

Photography and Media:
Respect the privacy and consent of others regarding photography, videography, or media coverage.
Seek permission before taking or sharing photos/videos of fellow participants or audience members.

Code Violations:
Any violations of the code of conduct may result in penalties, including warnings, point deductions, disqualification, or expulsion from the competition, as determined by the organizers.

By adhering to this code of conduct, all participants can contribute to creating a positive and respectful environment that enhances the overall experience of the breakdance competition for everyone involved

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