afro break

Bboy lyricx

Nana Tuffour Okai, who is professionally known as Bboy Lyricx is a Dance Athlete, Dance promoter and an Entrepreneur who aspires to be a positive role model for young talent from the street where he discovered
his creative potential.

Being the Founder of Africa Breaking Academy and award winning Dancer at
Ghana Dance Award, his vision is to build a modern dance studio to provide an empowering space for dancers with similar interest to connect and learn.

He grew up in a society where obstacle and challenges where daily adventures but through sacrifice and perseverance, he spared no effort to become the change he needed for a better life, now seeking to help others to achieve the same
Nana Tuffour Okai “Bboy Lyricx “ has organised and instructed many Dance workshops across Africa and also served as an Ambassador of Afrobreak Movement Worldwide, Hiphop Works Incorporation Ghana,Breaking Federation Of Ghana and
UDance Art International U.S.A.